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New! The newest book in the "Tunes with a Twist" series, Still More! Traditional Tunes with a Twist, is now available and can be ordered on the music books page!

New! A new book by Kim Roberston -- Christmas Lullaby -- can be ordered on the music books page.

New! Announcing a new book/cd for anyone wishing to improve their singing skills! Vocal Mechanics: A Look Under the Hood is now available and ready to ship!

New! One of Verlene's favorite composers from the Renaissance period is John Dowland -- maybe one of the first "singer-songwriters." He composed for voice and lute, and published three books of songs and ayres in lute tablature. Verlene has collected 12 songs and ayres from those three books and arranged the lute tablature for lever harp. The new book A Dozen Dowland Songs and Ayres will be available by the end of April. You can order either the book alone, or the book with a companion CD with the complete performances of all 12 songs on harp and voice by Verlene.

New! Verlene's music on iTunes! You can download any of Verlene's songs from Peace, Wishing You Well, Pesephone's Art, Rendezvous with the Moon, Dreamtime, or Comfortable Blues on iTunes -- only 99 cents a song to download! Or download entire albums. Visit itunes.com and search on Verlene Schermer!