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Writing Projects

Perhaps the most prolific of Verlene's writing activities has been her songwriting. She has recorded four albums of her original songs with lyrical content that range from themes of dreaming and vision to poignant observations about modern living to songs and stories of creative process. You can read the lyrics from her recordings (which are also included with the CD or cassette) by clicking here

Verlene has written articles for the international newsletter, (now online), Vocals since the publication began in 1988, and has been Vocals' technical editor since the third issue. Some of her articles have been translated into Italian . Verlene has also written several articles for Vocalease, a magazine for Middle School Choir teachers.

She has also written stories and poems that have been featured in such publications as The Folk Harp Journal , The Fling , and a harper's garden . Her story, Sorrow, Comfort, and Joy, about an itinerant harper who lived during the late 1700's and early 1800's has grown into a series of stories which she tells using her wire strung harp to accompany her singing.

Another aspect of her writing is her music writing. Not only does she write her own songs, but she also composes and arranges music for solo harp, or harp with vocals or other instruments. Visit her music books page for more information about the books she has published.

Another project that involves writing was her graduate work at San Jose State University in Voice Sciences and Arts. A research paper for a graduate course in World Music, titled "Sorrow, Comfort & Joy -- Healing Poweres in World Music" shows Verlene's interest in integrating the science and art disciplines to better understand both the science and the art of singing.  Her "Works Cited" is a good resource for those interested in learning more!