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Harp Newbies, The Lesson Book, Level 1

The Harp Newbies series includes three books for each level that when used together, will help those new to harp develop skills in music reading, technique, and music theory. The three books are:

The Lesson Book, The Tune Book, and The Activity Book

This book is designed with the beginning harp student in mind who has never played an instrument, and who needs to learn from the very start how to read notes. Since many "newbies" are renting a small harp, or have purchased a small harp to start, the notes in this first book will only go down to the lowest string on a 26 string harp. If you have a larger harp, you can still get a start with this book, and the lower notes are presented in level 2. The pace is comfortable and new notes are presented two at a time. If you have never read music before, you'll be able to keep up just fine!

 36 pages.  ($15.00)



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What the book includes:

Notes from Middle C up one octave on treble clef and down one octave on bass clef

Note and rest values up to eighth notes

Time signatures with 4 at the bottom

Finger placing and technique

Repeats, first and second endings, and other directions

Intervals from seconds through octaves

Triads in root position, and first and second inversion