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Playing and Improvising Middle Eastern Music

This book can be used simply as a repertoire book, but it is also intended as an instructional book on improvisation in Middle Eastern styles of music. It includes traditional Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Spanish Flamenco, and Ladino/Sephardic tunes. Each has a distinct flavor of the Middle East, whether it is in the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, or all three. There was significant cross-pollination between the Middle East and the Mediterranean area, due to both Turkish and Arab influences particularly in Greece and Spain. Rhythms have also crossed the Atlantic and many of what we call Afro-Cuban rhythms are also found in Middle Eastern music due to trade between the Arabic areas of North Africa, Morroco, Spain, and Cuba. A page of notes accompanies each tune to help you understand the rhythm and mode, and to give ideas for the improvisation section.  41 pages.  ($20.00)

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Table of Contents:

La Paloma

Los Bilbilicos view excerpt


Cuando El Rey Nimrod

Ala Da'Lona view excerpt


Ya Laur Hubukki view excerpt

Bir Demet Yasemin

Norits Karoon Yegav

Mur Tan Idev & Janoy