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Verlene's Cross-Strung Harp Book

cross sgrung book

This book for cross-strung harp includes four harp solos, three for harp and vocal, and two for harp and flute or any other melody instrument.   The vocal pieces can also be played with a melody instrument.  The styles range from Renaissance and Baroque, to modern jazzy original compositions.  There are fingering suggestions, but they are purposefully sparse, so that you won't become bogged down by them.  You can add fingerings using the suggested ones, and copying them to similar passages, or you can choose to put in alternate fingering of your own.   The last page is an excerpt from the upcoming book "Jazz on a Cross-Strung Harp" --- a how-to book for arranging and playing jazz on the cross-strung.  25 pages.  ($10.00) 



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Table of Contents:

Alman view excerpt
Now & Then
Prelude No. 9 view excerpt
Two-D Imagery
Watch Your Blues Fade Away
Willow Song view excerpt