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Rendezvous with the Moon


Rendzvous CD

photo by Dave Lepori

artwork by Deb Knodel


Verlene's third solo recording features thirteen original songs, and also includes the well-requested cover, "You Take My Breath Away." The folk harp is the primary accompanying instrument to Verlene's innovative and expressive voice, with five of the tracks featuring the chromatic cross-strung harp. Percussion instruments from many World Music traditions add a spicy texture to the mixes, tying East to West in a blend of sounds and rhythms. You will also hear string bass, flute, a string quartet, and plenty of rich vocal harmonies in this collection of songs about creative process.  A companion songbook is also available that includes all 13 original songs arranged for harp and voices. The Verlene Schermer Song Sampler songbook includes four of these songs. 

Verlene performs vocals, folk harps (Triplett Celtic, Witcher Lamont, O'Loughlan Cross-strung Chromatic),guitars (Martin classical, Yamaha acoustic-electric, Ovation 12 string), keyboards & sequencing Guest artists: Mike Crowley - percussion, wooden flute, Linnette Bommarito - flute , Nigel Green - string bass & electric bass, Jon Schermer - trombone , Victoria Morton - violin & viola, Vicki Parrish - cello , and Don Frank - drums


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The songs on the album are: 

Lyrics from Rendezvous with the Moon