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Prices listed below include tax.  Shipping is listed at the end of the form.
Order CD's or tapes by printing out this page, filling out the form, and sending a check or money order payable to Karmalu Records at: 
Karmalu Records

P.O. Box 24412
San Jose, CA 95154

Name: _________________________________________________________________ 


City: _______________________________State: ___________Zip:_________________ 

Please send: 
Comfortable Blues ________CD(s)  @ $15.00 each ___________
Dreamtime ________CD(s) @ $15.00 each ___________
Now & Then ________CD(s)  @ $15.00 each ___________
Rendezvous with the Moon ________CD(s)  @ $15.00 each ___________
Persephone's Art ________CD(s)  @ $15.00 each ___________
On a Snowy Eve ________CD(s) @ $15.00 each ___________
The Hidden Pool ________CD(s) @$15.00 each ___________
Wishing You Well ________CD(s) @$15.00 each ___________
The Sing-Along Harper ________CD(s) @$10.00 each ___________
A Dozen Dowland Songs ________CD(s) @$10.00 each ___________
Peace ________CD(s)
@$15.00 each
Shipping (see below): ___________

Shipping rates for within the continental US: 
$4.00 for the first CD  
$1.00 for each additional CD
Overseas shipping rates: add $3.00 for each CD

email info@verlene.com for wholesale rates

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