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Wishing You Well


wishing you well CD

painting by Deb Knodel


  Verlene plays as a hospital musician at Stanford University and El Camino Hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area for patients, family, and staff.  The harp she plays is a double strung "Mirror Meadow" made by Wm. Rees Instruments.  The music on this CD is soothing and can be used for relaxation, meditation, massage, or just about any time you'd like to hear the soothing sounds of a double strung harp.  There is over 60 minutes of instrumental harp music on the CD.    

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  The pieces on the album are:

1. Bridget Cruise
2. The Water is Wide sound clip
3. Southwind
4. Wild Mountain Thyme sound clip
5. Give Me Your Hand
6. Jupiter   sound clip
7. Slumber My Darling
8. A Little Child
9. Wishing You Well
10.The Wild Geese
11. Greensleeves   sound clip
12. Suogan
13. Si Bheg Si Mohr sound clip
14. Carolan’s Receipt
15. The Wind Beneath My Wings  sound clip
16. Waltz of the Little Girls
17. The Ash Grove/Beauty in Tears